Here is a list of recipients of awards over the years. 

Ron & Lyn Armstrong 

Life Members Trophy 

Cammbridge Bay J.R.U.F.C 

Clubman of the Year

1984 A Champion
1985 D Campbell
1986 Sam Keck
1987 James Peterson
1988 Ben Hewish
1989 Stuart Pritchard
1990 Andrew Rich


Ron & Lyn Armstrong

Life Members Trophy 

Norths Pirates Junior Rugby Union

1991 Gareth Pritchard
1992 Kym Hagon
1993 Bill Ackroyd
1994 Nathan Osborne
1995 Ross Wyly
1996 Kerrie Osborne
1997 Dougal Geddes
1998 John, Gaye & Peter Shirvington
1999 Jayne Bentivoglio
2000 Nick Bentivoglio
2001 Ross Sinclair
2002 Sally Hawkins
2003 Jim Carroll
2004 Don Shiell
2005 Peter Cozens
2006 Justine Molloy
2007 John O'Mara
2008 Alison Hood
2009 Barry Tennant
2010 Ian Maltman
2011 Jennifer Bradley
2012 Michael, Cecille, Alexander & Nicholas Heath
2013 Rory Lucas
2014 Bill Rees
2015 David Cummins
2016 Tim Ewington
2017 Richard Leffers
2018 Mike, Karen, Georgie, Hugh, Tom, Charlie, Darcy, Lucy Henry
2019 Elise Mittelheuser
2020 Jason, Hamish, Charlie Smith


BIG HEART / Player with the biggest heart

1997 Tom Egan
1998 Andrew Smyth-Kirk
1999 Tom Wakim
2003 Tom Kelly
2004 Steve Williams
2005 Tom Dunstan
2006 Lewis Baird, Sam Glissan, Kazuki Matsumura, Scott Montgomery
2007 Jack Wearne
2008 Josh Aro
2009 Edward Andrews, Bradley Finnigan
2011 Jordy Veitch
2012 Rob Abadee
2013 Nicholas Heath
2014 Arleigh Eden
2015 Jack Kyle
2016 Daniel Keoghan
2017 Tom Millner
2018 William Croall
2019 Angus Molchanoff, Quinn Street
2020 Skylir van der Walt



1997 Nick Bentivoglio
1998 Ben Marin-Guzman
1999 Nathan Jones
2000 Huw Jones
2001 Mark Williams
2002 Alasdair MacDonald
2003 Ben Molloy
2004 Jack McClellan
2005 Henry Bullen
2006 Andrew Bloore, Andrew Noake
2007 Tim Monckton
2008 Nick Hilleard
2009 Alexander Heath
2010 Petrus Van Jaarsveldt
2011 Josh Steel
2012 James Leatherbarrow
2013 Alexander D'Souza
2014 Sam Gillard
2015 Lachlan Sullivan
2016 Thomas Smith
2017 Sam Cooper
2018 Lachlan Antcliff
2019 Daniel Chapman
2020 Andy Larkin


1984 David Becroft
1985 Adam Faulkner
1986 Jim Becroft
1987 Damian Trimingham
1988 Andrew Rich
1989 Christian Power
1990 Nathan Bacalas



1991 Joshua Goodwin
1992 Sam Mower
1993 Adrian Misko
1994 Paul Sanders
1995 Daniel Wyly & Daniel Van Der Heide
1996 Angus Ellis Flint
1997 Nick Church
1998 James Lew
1999 John Fangupo
2000 Ian Mack
2001 Chris Molineaux-Daly
2002 Sam Rains
2003 Hugh Hawkins
2004 Richard Francis
2005 Ian Mack
2006 Cameron Simmonds
2007 Jack Giddey & Sam Shiell
2008 Tim Duncan & Cameron Simmonds
2009 Bryn Pritchard
2010 Not Awarded
2011 Hugh Henry

Sam Lucas, James Davies, Alexander Heath, Hamish Stanton

(All from the Linfield Norths Under 14s team.  Runners up 2012.)

2013 Tristan Leffers
2014 Oliver Fergusson
2015 Bas Ewington
2016 Sam Gillard
2017 Charlie Henry
2018 Harrison Darling
2019 Taj Mailei, Paddy O'Malley
2020 Angus McCaffery



2003 Peter Morris & Josh Gamgee
2004 Mark MacWhite
2005 Damien Frawley
2006  Mike Webb & Ossie Bekker
2007 Tim Clifford (U13B2 Premiers)
2008 Ryan Dalziel & Corey Brown (U11)
2009  Damien Frawley 
2010 Tim Morris 
2011  Tim Ewington 
2012 Peter Mackenzie Wood 
2013 Matthew Fletcher
2014 Mike Henry
2015 Tom Millner
2016 Jonathan Moeller
2017 Piers Bayl-Smith
2018 Jason Smith
2019 Nick Eastman
2020 Andrew Smith



2003 Charlie Cozens, William Geddes, Greg Peterson, Miles Sinclair
2004 Ben Thomas
2005 Scott Ellice-Flint, Ian Mack, Sid Pattinson, Cameron Simmonds
2006 Andrew Doygan, Tom Kell, Myles Leabeater, Ben Molloy, Sam Roberts, Edward Shiell, Sam Shiell, Jack Wearne
2007 John Booth, Tom Booth
2009 Edward Andrews, Patrick Frawley, Reiji Sano
2010 Alexander Heath, Lachlan Carvey, Jordan Veitch
2012 James Davies, Sam Lucas
2013 Hugh Henry, Harry Lucas, James Musgrove
2014 Rob Abadee, Oliver Byrne, Fergus Cummins, Arleigh Eden, Bas Ewington, Nicholas Heath, James Hendren, Archie Leach, Jordan Rashleigh-Crane
2015 Spencer Baekdal, Patrick Browne, Lewis Brunton, Alexander D'Souza, Alec D'Vlieger, Oliver Fergusson, Daniel Keoghan, Jack Kyle, Tom Lucas, Bernard Lund, Alec Noble, Daniel Rees, James Ryan, Sean Welsh
2016 Ben Bannerman, Lachlan Chambers, Jack Crawley, Tom Henry, Callum Fletcher, Luke Herron, Billy Heyman, Pierce Kenny, Tristan Leffers, Matthew O'Malley, George Sineux, Ben Tuckfield
2017 Zach De Vlieger, Sam Gillard, Thomas Gordon, Nicholas McPherson, Tom Millner. Angus Molchanoff, Finn Molloy, Liam Rees
2018 Tobe Cornelius, Lewis Fahey, Liam Hopper, Angus McCaffery, Angus Miller, Hamish Smith, Thomas Smith, James Welsh
2019 Harry Darling, Harry Davies, Declan Hill, Paddy O'Malley, Max Prykiel, Ted Rennie, Preston Scott
2020 Will Bowrey, Fergus Eastman, Louis Ewington, Toby Luce, Jackson Marshall, Max Morrow, Hugo Patrick, Henry Preece, Charlie Smith



2020 Tom Millner, Angus Molchanoff, Finn Molloy



RON & LYN ARMSTRONG LIFE MEMBERS TROPHY - This award is for a person(s) or family who has contributed substantially to the Club and/or to the administration and/or to the benefit of the Club. It may be awarded to a player, a parent, supporter or committee member or family. 

BIG HEART TROPHY - historically awarded to a player in the Under 14s team in recognition of display of team spirit. The trophy was donated to the Club by Dougal Geddes. 

RGW CORNFORTH TROPHY FOR SPORTMANSHIP - This award is named after a former player and parent of a player and is awarded for a show or display of “sportsmanship” or to a player who shows “Club” spirit, usually in the Under 10s. The trophy was donated to the Club by Roger Cornforth Jnr in memory of his father, Roger Snr. In 1947, Roger Snr played the first of his two Tests against the All Blacks. He was controversially omitted from the 1947-48 Wallabies tour to the British Isles but this then allowed him to represent Australia at the 1948 Olympics in London in water polo. He played against the British Lions in 1950. Roger Snr has an outstanding record of sporting achievements including Australian Breaststroke Champion in 1938, 1st president of Mosman Junior Rugby Club,  he was a first grade cricketer for Mosman as well as a first grade player for Northern Suburbs Rugby Club. He survived the fall of Singapore in the second World War as a prisoner of war in Changi. Roger Jnr played 1st grade for Northern Suburbs Rugby Club, 1st grade for Mosman Cricket, he is a former president of Mosman Juniors as well as honorary solicitor for Northern Suburbs Rugby Club. Roger Jnr's brother, Tim, also played 1st grade with Norths. And Roger Snr's grandson, Chris, played for Norths too.

PRESIDENTS AWARD OUTSTANDING PLAYER - This trophy is awarded to an outstanding player in the Club and is usually awarded to a player in the more senior age groups. 

COACH OF THE YEAR - This trophy is awarded to the most outstanding team coach for the year as nominated by individual teams.